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Technology in Small Businesses

Work smarter and be available.

Each successful contact is potentially new business so present a professional face to your clients and be available when they need you.

With the right tools your small business can be working so much more efficently. Free up your most precious commodity (your time).


Be Mobile, Be Connected, Be Available

In business today, just answering the phone isn’t enough.

  • Can you pick up your client’s records from your laptop?
  • How about discussing that proposal they sent you last week?
  • Can you access your documents and email from your phone or tablet?

If you can’t at the very least do those three things, then you need to get connected.


How's your Brand Identity Looking?

Your web presence, documents, invoices and emails tell a story about your business.

Ensure that the story you tell is consistent in its look, tone and theme so your customers comes to recognise your brand.

Whatever the platform or media, consistency is the key word.

Get your own domain name.
IT Stuff will set up your business domain and get your website up and running so your customers can reach you more easily.

Do you want to be or
I know what's more memorable...
so do your customers! Make it easy to be reached

Have a fully integrated office suite for a small monthly fee. Create beautiful documents, flyers and web content. Send out professional looking emails.

Synchronise your data to the cloud safely and secure your business with regular backups. Reach your data where ever you might be so you can look after your customers

Is WiFi access a pain for you? Do you have deadspots in your home or office? No internet access in the office at the bottom of the garden?

IT Stuff has a number of Wifi and Network solutions to give you more access. Whether its a network cable or a wifi access point or even a wifi booster to push network access to the farm shed, give IT Stuff a call to improve your network

Fear not the cloud! Large organisations and government departments are migrating data and computing services to the cloud.
Cost and scalability makes cloud services a much cheaper solution for storage and backup.
Dont need a backup you say? what happens to your business when you lose all your emails, contacts and contracts ?
Fires and burglars can strike at any time and they arent choosy.

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