PLC Development

Our PLC Services

IT Stuff has been developing PLC solutions for NIWA for a couple of years now.

Primarily involved in devloping complex pumping solutions to drive multiple process pumps to deliver varying types of produc to differnt destination tanks, we have also developed other bespoke applications.

See some examples below

Autoclave Diag 400 x 300

Autoclave Controller

This PLC solution controls an autoclave (sterilising unit) and a high-pressure steam boiler.

Key functions include safety checks on door status, steam readiness (temperature) and emergency stop.

The autoclave functions can be triggered on a one-off basis or a single/repeating scheduled basis.


Multi-Tank AutoFeeder

Numerous feeding regimes may be implemented by scheduling set doses of product to each tank


IT Stuff is a registered Unitronics Reseller. We can provide great deals on all Unitronics PLCs and peripheral devices.

Check out the the Vision series which ranges from the small form factor V130 controller to the top-end Vision 1210.

IT Stuff is also a Reseller for SMC. We build solutions for pumping, measuring and distributing fluids of all types.

Check out the SMC website for details of their wide range of pneumatic products.

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