Some time ago Mal installed an internet wifi system going from the house down to an outdoor cabin. The cabin is 100 meters down the driveway. We have been able to use the cabin as an outside office, and as a second room for the occasional guest. On the weekend I had to undo and reinstate the internet cables due to work being done inside the house. Of course I put the cables back incorrectly. Oh dear no internet in the cabin for 48 hours. Today I sent Mal pictures of how the cables were reinstalled across the array of little boxes. He walked me through it and sorted it in no time. AND I HAD SPENT HOURS ON TRYING TO FIX IT OVER THE WEEKEND. So very grateful to Mal. It is so good to have an expert on hand.”  Janet Dougherty

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Janet Dougherty (RGON RM BBUS NLP​)

Experiential Games Creator, Educator and Facilitator